Who is brittny gastineau dating are baya and ryan from the real world dating

Red carpet events, modeling gigs, TV appearances and trips around the globe are all in a day’s work for the self-proclaimed glamour girls.

Brittny counts platinum selling recording artist Ciara, reality super star Kim Kardashian and New York Knicks royalty La La Vasquez as her BFFs, while Lisa Gastineau has Manhattan’s Upper East Side on lock and pals around with The Real Housewives of New York City.

He confesses that he's "so angry" about losing both of his parents at such a young age.

Kourtney accompanies him to a private funeral in Scott's native Long Island, New York.

January 2014: Scott's father, Jeffrey, also 63, dies just three months after his wife.

In 2015, Phelps became engaged to his fiancee of just over two years, Nicole Johnson.

The two just had their first child together in May 2016.

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