Intimidating people at work

Whether it's an individual who worries about the consequences of speaking up at work or in a close relationship, a family cowed by a scary parent, a business fixated on threats instead of opportunities, or a country that's routinely told it's under "Threat Level Orange" - it's the same human brain that reacts in all cases.

Therefore, understanding how your brain became so vigilant and wary, and so easily hijacked by alarm, is the first step toward gaining more control over that ancient circuitry.

Often people do want to be told what to do and how to do it but the way you tell them how matters the most, if you appear bossy and controlling people would not want to be around you.

It is the human nature; we don’t want to be ordered around on what to do – most often.

Additionally, you've got to hide from predators, steer clear of Alpha males and females looking for trouble, and not let other hunter-gatherer bands kill you: these are significant sticks.

But here's the key difference between carrots and sticks. Compared to carrots, sticks usually have more urgency and impact.

At the very least, you will not get the most productivity out of your staff; at the worst, you could face going out of business due to a poor reputation and legal issues.So at the workplace you have to strike a gentle note to your being the boss around – and try not to be “bossy”.To be a good leader you must make sure that the work gets done and often it is not through pleasantries that you can get that accomplished, instead of high-handedness have some rules in place at all times.In many instances, by the time you reach ten, you would have regained composure, and figured out a better response to the issue, so that you can reduce, instead of exacerbate the problem.If you're still upset after counting to ten, take a time out if possible, and revisit the issue after you calm down.

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