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Limit your information to no more than three concise sentences and one topic per paragraph.

It can be intimidating to think so introspectively.

Writing a biography for a website is different than a traditional biography, and learning the difference is integral to making your biography interesting and your website user friendly.

Choose an easy to read font such as Verdana, no smaller than 12, and write your biography in the third person.

Students struggle because a) they worry about sounding like show-offs, b) they have nothing worth saying, c) they dread coming off as boring, or d) all of the above. The goal is to write in a way that’s simple, clear and informative. Begin by taking stock of your life and jotting down the following: Once you have these essentials down, start prioritizing. When we think about how to write a bio, we have multi-task. His album, “The Crow: New Songs for the Five-String Banjo,” won a Grammy for Best Bluegrass Album in 2010. But let’s say I needed a short summary about Steve Martin for some sort of piece I’m writing.

The truth is, the issue of how to write a bio depends on one thing: Remember to be your natural, wonderful self. If you stay genuine in word and tone, the bio will be terrific. Remind yourself that this particular bio is just for now. There might be facts that you want to keep private. The result is that Steve Martin’s bio is rather stuffy and dull. Let’s also say that it has to be 100 words or less.

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Now it's time to write a kick-ass bio that describes how awesome you are!

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