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Being a priest or minister is something that you’ve worked hard for. For example, if someone says something inappropriate about your appearance or about wanting to set you up, it is fine to say, “My boy/girlfriend would not appreciate hearing you say that.” 10.

Men can now check out men, and women can search for women, on the religious dating site Christian Mingle, which previously sanctioned only heterosexual relationships.

All listened intently as defence lawyer Michael Lacy argued that a retrial was necessary because Justice Robert Clark made a serious legal error in his answer to the jury’s question during their deliberations.

If unconvinced, co-counsel Adam Posluns urged the appeal court to shorten Grandine’s “unduly harsh” 15-year sentence because the judge treated him as a murderer rather than someone convicted only of manslaughter.

By night, I look like an average 27-year-old woman with my fitted jeans, hobo handbag, and sweeping blonde hair; but by day, I am a full-time pastor of a 3,000-member congregation.

This means that nearly every Sunday, at the First United Methodist Church in Huntsville, Alabama, you'll find me mounting the pulpit in a collar and cassock, my black ankle-length robe. I love my career, but it has plagued my love life since I decided to pursue ministry during my senior year of college.

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A graduate of Virginia Theological Seminary, she is an associate rector and shares in all aspects of ministry, with an emphasis on Outreach and Mission.

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