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Users can customize their “Daddy,” choosing everything from body type to facial hair.Dating simulators—that is, point-and-click video games in which you try to find a romantic partner—often exist on the cutting edge of what is considered normal and, well, appropriate.

The player takes control of Tsukiko Yahisa, the heroine of the Starry☆Sky games, although her name can be changed by the player.

With all that in mind, the newly announced game for short) sounds downright normal in comparison, despite it’s hilariously evocative name—and just in time for Father’s Day, too!

Check out the teaser trailer below: In Dream Daddy, you play a single father whose daughter is preparing to go off to college, and who’s finally ready to get back into the dating pool. Dads of every shape and size, of every type and for every persuasion. It’s all fun and goofs and an excuse to say the word “dad” a lot, but according to the game developers there’s heart under all that child-rearing and father-dating.

Your feedback has been incredibly helpful – please do keep it coming. View Article Hello, We’re excited to be releasing the next free content update for No Man’s Sky later today: Path Finder.

We’ll soon be releasing Patch 1.22, which includes some changes and fixes based on player feedback. Here’s a summary of what to expect: Improved Visuals Owning Multiple Ships Base Sharing Online Bases can be shared via Steam Workshop New Vehicles – Exocraft Permadeath Mode Build Vehicle Race Tracks Ship Specialisations and Classes... We’ve released another patch across both PC and PS4 which is available to download on both platforms now!

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What started off as a ridiculous little idea quickly became a way to tell a sincere story without the usual pitfalls of having to take ourselves seriously.” The rest of the creative team have some pretty impressive resumes as well; comic book artist Leighton Gray did the character design for the handsome dads you see before you (illustrated by Shanen Pae), and it’s also the first game produced by the Let’s Play series Game Grumps, which stars Arin Hanson and Dan Avidan, so you can be sure there’ll be a lot of hilarious jokes contained wherein.

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