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please instead of criticizing people rather be a positive influen… I'm a man of my word,very humble and loyal in nature.

Morals values principles honest integrity loyal whacky great fun intellectual British - living in Dallas TX You won't be sorry - am a catch for the right candidate, not arrogant but confident.

"domesticated man" (can do any household chore better than an average woman...

I have nothing but honorable intentions but I do like the finer things in…

well, in the Debbie Downer category, I decided to go ahead and tell a story that wasn’t nearly as dramatic As the title of the blog suggests, a couple weeks ago I went out on what would most likely be classified in our culture as a “date.” With a Sierra Leonean guy. In fact, I’ve come to realize that one of my absolute favorite parts about being home…more than the delicious food, is the fact that I can walk into Target and absolutely No. As we walked through the door my friend handed him some money and I was faced what appears now to be the universally awkward dating question…who is paying? I stood there for a minute unsure and then just walked in. There was not a single other girl in the entire room. My friend offered to go get us some drinks so he left and we waited there.

I won’t go into the specifics of how or why I ended up going out with this guy but let’s just say that he is the close friend of one of my co-workers at the hospital who is also a big guy in the community in terms of his relation to the Paramount Chief. And before you start marching me down the aisle I will say that he is a nice guy and will be a nice friend. He called to ask if I wanted to go watch a soccer game with him. ” All the people milling around their shops stop what they’re doing to watch me pass. I paused, not sure if I was supposed to pull out some money, not sure how much it should be even if I did pull out some money. Well, aside from the four year old in a frilly dress that was clinging to me. He found us some seats and as we sat down I started taking in my surroundings. I debated getting up and going to wait outside….know, so I could breathe for a second…. The suffocating heat staying of staying inside, or the curious stares and attempts at small talk with a large group of guys if I was to go outside. My friend came back with our drinks and the second half began.

I am a loving person easy to make friend and very considerate.

looking to meet someone and have some fun see where things go from there feel free to message me Instagram fantoom270 I love mature woman and i am looking for a mature woman to get to know... Understanding what True love stands for can heal our society. Im currently a welding inspector at the steel mill.

Choose to love people unconditionally, express true love to all especially the one you choose to be with; bad days may come but there are no climax words to explain love... I've being into many relationships and didn't find any good one,so I'm here to find a soulmate. I enjoy working out, reading, attending pittsburgh sporting events, fine dining, beautiful mature women, traveling, art even though I don't know much about it.

I love reading, I like travelling and have traveled to some Africa countries, I love going to movies, visiting family Hi all my name is momo i come from sirra leone but now am living in germany for three an hafe years i work as a cletric.

and i live alone i will like to get a gut person that i can spend my life with.

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  1. I was going three times per week to the club where David had a membership that offered afternoon classes and it was sort of nice that most of the people there were ladies.