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But the catch is they aren't allowed any designer clothes or make-up.Those taking part include Gemma Garrett from Belfast who took the crown of Miss Great Britain in 2008, Orlaith Mc Callister from Belfast who was crowned Miss Belfast in 1999, Leanne Mc Dowell who was crowned Miss Northern Ireland in 2015 and Rebecca Maguire, a former Miss Ireland 2012.Also taking part is Karen Montague from Maghera who won Miss Ireland at the Miss Supra National Pageant in 2015 and Amira Graham from Belfast who is best known for the title of Miss Earth Northern Ireland.The pilot programme features former Miss Great Britain Gemma Garrett.

Turn right onto R outside the main gate to reach (3) Dumbarton Oaks, the former home of Mildred and Robert Woods Bliss that is now serves as Harvard's center for pre-Columbian and Byzantine studies.Just over the hill on the back side of the intersection of 27th and Q Streets overlooking Rock Creek Park is the (1) Mount Zion Cemetery, one of the city's oldest all-black burial sites dating from 1808 and taken over by the Mount Zion Methodist Church in 1879 for the burial of free blacks.The adjacent (2) Oak Hill Cemetery's main gate is at 30th and R Streets a few blocks away.There are many sources to consult and many avenues of research to attempt, although each one may not produce useful information for each house.Many variables come into play including the age and location of the house.

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