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A few Assyrians, though, are secular or irreligious in outlook.Throughout the years, Assyrians celebrate many different kinds of traditions within their communities, with the majority of the traditions being tied to religion some way.To live out a marriage according to Syriac-Orthodox beliefs requires a carefully selected partner.You too can find your dream partner for a happy twosome future.The king of Tâbatu was an Assyrian official named Adad-bēl-gabbe whose rule spanned that of four Assyrian monarchs seemingly unaffected by the turmoil at the heart of the empire.Assyrian culture is that of the Assyrians, an Eastern Aramaic speaking Semitic race indigenous to northern Iraq, southeast Turkey, northeast Syria and northwest Iran.Some include feasts (Syriac: hareh) for different patron saints, the Nineveh Rogation (: Premta d-Simele) was the first of many massacres committed by the Iraqi government during the systematic targeting of Assyrian of Northern Iraq in August 1933.

To preserve this culture and language for future generations, marriage to other Assyrians with whom we truly identify is essential.Get to know honest Suryoye singles, who, like you, are genuinely searching for a partner and whose personalities match yours well.We Syriac-Orthodox Christians are widely scattered, melebi unites us all.was king of Assyria (1207 BC – 1204 BC or 1196 BC – 1194 BC short chronology).The alternate dating is due to uncertainty over the length of reign of a later monarch, Ninurta-apal-Ekur, where conflicting king lists differ by ten years.

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